Rosette Versailles

Collaboration Jérôme Bugara and Rémy Garnier

Versailles Collection :

For designer Jérôme Bugara, the Versailles collection is the story of his personal encounter with the eponymous city and its history. This city, where his children grew up, inspires him every day with its radiance.
Visiting the Château de Versailles, he realized that despite its magnificence, the most noble rooms, such as the Grand Appartement de la Reine and the Galerie des Lumières, had basic light switches.
Jérôme Bugara therefore decided to revisit the great French Châteaux of the Loire Valley to design the Versailles Fleur de Lys collection, a collection carefully crafted to sublimate interiors while respecting their French elegance.



H: 51 mm
W: 14 mm


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