The Patina

To ensure repeatability of the finish, the patinas are brought to an optimal temperature, which is constantly monitored.

If gilding and silvering remain the most noble treatments, Garnier has developed over the last 15 years a real know-how in the decoration of bronze by oxidation of the noble metal. This corresponds to a growing demand from decorators to integrate bronze art pieces in contemporary settings in a less ostentatious style.

There are different methods of patinating gilded or silvered bronze objects. Flame patinas and oil patinas. Beyond the decorative effect, they provide additional protection without altering the shine. Jade or linseed oils are used.

Patinas by oxidation of the metal, is a technique which allows to reproduce the aspect of old bronzes. The most common ones are made with hematite or tourmaline based solutions but our workshops use other methods such as flame working.

Othermanufacturing steps