The Finishing

Gilding with the gold-mercury crucible process, known as amalgam, has long been the gold Door leverard for bronze decoration. The deposit of noble material penetrated all the microporosities of the metal and offered a gilding of great resistance.

Nowadays, electrolytic gilding is mainly used. Two metal electrodes are immersed in a salt bath, forming a battery. Under the effect of an electric current, metal molecules move from one electrode to the other, from the anode to the cathode. To reduce electrolysis to the simple act of depositing a noble or non-noble metal on a support is far too simple. Moreover, for the magic to work, the operation is delicate in view of the environmental Door leverards in force.

Thus, we have equipped our material treatment workshops with the latest generation tools such as an evaporator for recycling rinsing water, which places us in a zero discharge position for the environment. In the same way, a bi-monthly monitoring of the metal content of our electrolytes has been set up. Each effluent, each used bath is traceable with a view to destruction and/or recycling by our leading partners in the field. Thanks to the professionalism of our bathers, we are able to offer a wide choice of colors and finishes.

Othermanufacturing steps