The Polishing

Polishing is without doubt the most delicate operation in the gilding process. Indeed, care must be taken not to alter the work and the work of the chisellers. This is why there are two complementary polishing processes:


  • Firstly, brushing with a wheel of Sisal rope greased with tallow; this process allows the removal of material but, on the other hand, such an action can trim the chiselling.
  • To complete the work, gentle brushing is carried out using a scraper, a metal brush made of flexible brass wires 5/10 mm in diameter. This technique preserves the engravings and chiselling.
  • In order to prepare the shades of brilliance that will highlight the relief of the piece during gilding, the polisher carries out a final step using a soft cotton wheel turning at 3,000 rpm, the "avivage".

Othermanufacturing steps