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Our Parisian workshop is the original workshop, founded by Remy Garnier himself in the Bastille neighborhood. There are different work stations in an open space filled with history. Each station meets a specific handicraft job: turners, polishers, locksmiths meticulously practice their know-how in turns. The role of chiselers is the keystone of decorative locksmithing: hand carving each element, thus defining ornamentations in detail and signing as many unique pieces. Further, electrolysis gilding consists in soaking pieces in gold nitrate-baths. Finally, according to the client's order, either we keep the bright and vivid aspect to which time will give a patina, or a craftsperson operates a subtle completion by applying pigments that make the gliding matt.
In our workshop in Chelles, previously specialized in engraving, there are less traditional technics, in which man's hand takes part to a lesser extent: such as laser and water jet turning.
Of course, fondry remains integrated into Remy Garnier, not in Paris but in Château-Renault near Tours, in the former Compagnie du Bronze.


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